Debt Campaigners Reject ‘Blackmail’ over Treaty

Debt Justice Action Press Release, 6th March 2012

A campaign group calling for the write down of Irish debt has labelled the link being drawn between the debt and the Fiscal Treaty as “obscene and tantamount to blackmail”.

Community worker and campaign spokesperson John Bissett said he “utterly rejected any spurious quid pro quo between voting Yes in the forthcoming referendum on the Fiscal Treaty and the suspension or cancellation of the Anglo and Irish Nationwide debt.” He went on to say that “there has been far too much of this sort of horse-trading in Ireland in recent years and what we need now is for the debt to dealt with ethically and on its own terms”.

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Campaigners Say Fiscal Treaty Is ‘Doublethink’

Press Release

Anglo: Not Our Debt

The campaign group Anglo: Not Our Debt has sharply criticized the EU’s new ‘fiscal treaty’. Campaign spokesperson Marie Moran described the treaty as “akin to someone being advised to keep the doors of their house locked tomorrow while thieves were ransacking it today”. “There is something obscene about insisting a country like Ireland reduce its deficit and debt levels, while at the same time forcing it to repay the debts run up by a private bank like Anglo Irish”, she continued. Continue reading “Campaigners Say Fiscal Treaty Is ‘Doublethink’”