Afri Statement re Sabina Coyne Letter

Sabina Coyne’s call for a negotiated settlement in Ukraine reflects the principles of Article 29 of Bunreacht na hÉireann, and the wisdom vitally informing our Peace Process.

In 1955 Ireland joined the United Nations.  In that same year, Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell issued their Russell/Einstein Manifesto.  They warned that any war involving nuclear states risked spiralling into annihilation: Continue reading “Afri Statement re Sabina Coyne Letter”

‘TRANSFORMING OUR WORLD’? – Afri submission for White Paper on Enterprise

Thank you for the invitation to make a submission for the White Paper on Enterprise.  We look forward to positive engagement with the process.

The White Paper can draw on our resilient history, and the wealth of culture and ingenuity within our shared island’s diverse communities. Continue reading “‘TRANSFORMING OUR WORLD’? – Afri submission for White Paper on Enterprise”