The Wave – Come Together to Stop Climate Chaos

This December, the world’s governments will meet in Copenhagen to negotiate and decide a global climate deal. This deal is crucial to avoid climate catastrophe.

We must call on the government to deliver a fair and safe deal. A deal that keeps the rise in global temperatures to below 2 degrees Celsius. A deal that supports developing countries in their efforts to cope with the impacts of climate change now and in the future.

Saturday 5th of December at 12 noon, thousands of people from all walks of life will flood the streets of Dublin. Join Ireland’s biggest demonstration against climate change. Join the worldwide wave of millions calling for action. Together, we can send a strong and clear message to our leaders: STOP CLIMATE CHAOS.

Assemble: Custom House Quay at 12.00pm
Crashing: Department of An Taoiseach at 1.30pm
Dress Code: BLUE

The Wave launch 231109










To get involved find out more at or text WAVE to 0873200900

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