Pay a Living Wage Campaign: Consumers Call for an End to Poverty Pay

The Clean Clothes Campaign Ireland is joining its European partners in launching a new campaign calling on clothing companies to Pay a Living Wage to garment workers. The Pay a Living Wage campaign begins on 21st October with a week of action in 15 European countries.

The campaign launch comes exactly six months after the devastating collapse of Rana Plaza, in which 1,133 Bangladeshi workers were killed. Six months on from the largest industrial accident to hit the garment industry, millions of workers continue to have no choice but to risk their lives in order to afford a decent life. Continue reading “Pay a Living Wage Campaign: Consumers Call for an End to Poverty Pay”

Comhlámh’s “Stop the EU’s resources grab!” Campaign

The EU’s new trade policy on raw materials is undermining the effort of the world’s poorest countries to develop their economies for the benefit of their population and to fight against inequality and poverty. This policy will prevent developing countries from exercising control over their natural resources, and from ensuring they get a fair price for their raw materials. Continue reading “Comhlámh’s “Stop the EU’s resources grab!” Campaign”