Neutrality Or NATO – an online book launch & conversation

The online launch of A Force for Good? Reflections on Neutrality and the Future of Irish Defence took place on Tuesday, June 20th 2023. The book is  a collection of essays by people with long and deep experience of working for peace and against militarism on this island and in the wider world.

Contributors include Nobel Peace Prizewinner Máiréad MaguireThomas Pringle TDUCC Emeritus Professor John MaguireDr Karen Devine of DCUCarol Fox of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance; and Tarak Kauff, former paratrooper with the US Army and now active member of Veterans for Peace.

The book is available from Afri for €10, including postage.



Peace Cannot be Discussed

I have just returned from Vienna where I attended a very important event entitled ‘International summit for Peace in Ukraine’, which was organised by the International Peace Bureau and a range of other Peace groups such as the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. Sean MacBride was a former President of the International Peace Bureau and I myself was a Board member for a three-year period. Continue reading “Peace Cannot be Discussed”

Good Friday Agreement reminds us war can end when peacemaking begins

There are many extreme dangers associated with the war in Ukraine, some too obvious to refer to, but the danger of groupthink around the war is one that is perhaps not sufficiently in some people’s awareness. Groupthink is a phenomenon that occurs when a group of people make irrational or non-optimal decisions spurred by the urge to conform or the belief that dissent is impossible. Continue reading “Good Friday Agreement reminds us war can end when peacemaking begins”

Involvement of Ireland in Russian Weapons used in Ukraine is shameful

It comes as no surprise to Afri or to those involved in opposing Ireland’s involvement in the iniquitous arms industry that components made in Ireland have been found in weapons used by Russia in Ukraine. (Sunday Times – Jan 15th)

This discovery implicates Irish manufacturers and Irish workers in the appalling suffering of women, children and men in Ukraine. Continue reading “Involvement of Ireland in Russian Weapons used in Ukraine is shameful”

Taoiseach Sups with NATO Ignoring the Will of the Irish People

Afri deplores Micheál Martin’s eagerness to sup with NATO, a nuclear alliance, at the recent summit in Madrid. An Taoiseach insists that it is necessary to join in such ‘conversations’ with the high and mighty, while dithering about the right moment to engage with the Irish people at last on defence policy.

This is merely the latest stage in a process of furtive acquiescence in NATO-inspired EU militarisation. Continue reading “Taoiseach Sups with NATO Ignoring the Will of the Irish People”

Afri Hedge School 2018

Contributions from Donal O’Kelly – ‘Welcome the Stranger’; Emmet Sheerin (Trocáire) ‘Student Activism – A Success Story’ and 3rd year Community and Youth Development students in I.T. Blanchardstown.

 Free entry to all – donations welcome to cover costs. Lunch and tea/coffee is provided.

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