Call for Independent Enquiry into Policing of Corrib Gas Project

Afri International Patron, Desmond Tutu.  Photo: Derek Speirs
Afri International Patron, Desmond Tutu. Photo: Derek Speirs

In light of ongoing controversies concerning lack of accountability of the Gardaí, and serious shortcomings on the part of the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC), Afri, supported by the undersigned, wishes to draw renewed attention to serious concerns around the policing of the Corrib Gas Project. Local residents have exhausted all available means of redress – including reports to GSOC, the Minster for Justice and the Garda Commissioner – without receiving satisfactory responses. Therefore, we now call for an independent and comprehensive enquiry into all aspects of the policing of the Corrib Gas Project to seek redress and accountability in relation to abuses which are, sadly, ongoing.

These concerns include, for example, the verbal and physical abuse of Willie Corduff by Gardaí as he took part in a peaceful protest in Glengad on April 22nd and 23rd 2009.This was followed by an attack by a group of men in dark clothes with their faces covered. During this attack Mr. Corduff was struck on the head by a blunt leather-covered object and then beaten until he lost consciousness. Mr. Corduff was removed to hospital and suffered serious pain and distress for many weeks afterwards. This attack occurred while Gardaí were in close proximity and no satisfactory investigation into the attack has ever taken place.

There are concerns also about the sinking of Pat O’Donnell’s boat the Iona Isle, which was boarded by masked men in June 2009. Pat O’Donnell, recipient of a state bravery award in 2013, and his crewman Martin O’Donnell were attacked and held down while the Iona Isle was holed and sunk under cover of darkness. Some hours later men fitting the description of those who boarded the boat were reported to have been picked up in Killala harbour by a transport vehicle used by the Shell Corrib Gas project. Both Mr. O’Donnell and his crewman were later admitted to Castlebar General hospital. Continue reading “Call for Independent Enquiry into Policing of Corrib Gas Project”

Airing Erris 2

Sunday, March 16, 2014 – 3pm – 6pm – An Seanscoil, An Ceathrú Thaidhg, Erris, Co. Mayo

This is the second installment of “Airing Erris”, a seminar on the media treatment of the Shell Corrib issue.

The discussion is evolving to examine the relationship between vested interests and the media and their increasing control and interference in civil issues.

Furthermore, could technological advances spell the end of traditional media and our reliance on them for our news?

Speakers include:

– Ed Vulliamy (The Observer/Guardian)

– Richie O’ Donnell (Director, The Pipe)

– William Hederman (Journalist)

– Andy Storey (Afri chairperson)

You can also join the conversation by tuning into our livestream event at and follow the event on twitter using #atlantic.

More details here:

Human Rights NGO Calls for Independent Inquiry into Policing Corrib Gas Dispute

Press Release, 7th April 2011

Justice and human rights group Action from Ireland (Afri) has backed the call for an independent international inquiry into policing of protests around the Corrib Gas project in the wake of the revelation that Gardaí joked and laughed about raping a protestor in their custody, and had previously engaged in verbal sexual abuse of a local woman. Continue reading “Human Rights NGO Calls for Independent Inquiry into Policing Corrib Gas Dispute”

‘People Crying Out for a Platform’ – Corrib Ruling Shows Need for Civic Platform

PRESS RELEASE, 16 November 2009

The recent Bord Pleanala ruling in favour of local residents in the ongoing Corrib Gas pipeline dispute highlights the need for new avenues of civic participation, according to a national peace and justice NGO, whose international patron is the distinguished Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Afri Coordinator Joe Murray says that the ruling vindicates the struggle of the local community over the past 10 years but also brings into question why they have had to endure intimidation, jail, beatings and media demonization for much of that time.

“The Corrib gas dispute in many ways tells the story of modern Ireland, where big business has colluded with soft democracy, trampling the rights of ordinary Irish citizens to fair and just treatment. The result has been an erosion of civil liberties and the emergence of corporate rule where multinationals appear to have greater rights than Irish citizens,” according to Mr. Murray. Continue reading “‘People Crying Out for a Platform’ – Corrib Ruling Shows Need for Civic Platform”

That’s Gas!


A night of words and music
in aid of Afri’s Rossport work

Paula Meehan
Dermot Bolger
(plus sons)
Jinx Lennon
Members of Kila
Donal O’Kelly & Sorcha Fox

Pom Boyd
Gina Moxley
Vincent McGrath and Pat O’Donnell of Rossport

8pm, Thursday 6th August
Sugar Club
Lr. Leeson Street, Dublin

Tickets €20 – booking: 01 8827563