An Evening with Dada Maheshvarananda, Author of After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action

Afri – Action From Ireland are pleased to present an evening with monk, author and activist Dada Maheshvarananda who is in Ireland meeting with leading activists, academics and public figures, including President Higgins.

Dada was born in the U.S and as a student, he adopted a radical approach to social change, and was inspired to become, in the words of Che Guevara, a “true revolutionary guided by great feelings of love.” In 1978 he became a monk in India, dedicating his life to the service of humanity; since then he has continuously worked in different parts of the world. He teaches meditation, yoga and other techniques for personal transformation free of charge, and the Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT), a post-capitalist model to empower people and communities to create a better world.His most recent book is After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action was published in 2012. His first book, After Capitalism: Prout’s Vision for a New World with a preface by Noam Chomsky was published in 2003 and has been translated in 10 languages. In 2007 he founded the ProutResearch Institute of Venezuela in Caracas, where he currently serves as director.

The meeting takes place at Wynn’s Hotel, Abbey St. Dublin at 7.30pm on 17th February.

Entry by donation.

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Climate Change Bill not a priority for Government

Press release, 4 November 2011

The Justice and Peace organization Afri has expressed dismay at the announcement by the Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan that a Climate Change Bill will not be a priority for the Coalition Government. As Ireland reels from the latest experience of extreme weather events, severe flooding at least partly attributable to climate change, Afri spokesperson Joe Murray said he found it almost incomprehensible that Mr. Hogan could deem the issue not to be a priority.

Mr Murray pointed to the near hysterical reaction of farming and business groups when such a Bill was previously proposed as a clear indication of who dictates policy in Ireland on this issue. “It is clear that Mr. Hogan’s environmental policy now constitutes an abject surrender to these vested interests of industrialized farming and big business, underlined by his decision not to impose statutory targets for emissions reductions,” said Mr Murray. Continue reading “Climate Change Bill not a priority for Government”