Artistic Protest at Israeli Embassy

Artists, actors and musicians gathered outside the Israeli Embassy today to assist Tracy Walsh create her installation decrying the needless deaths of children and civilians in Gaza. The protest was organised by AfrI to coincide with the visit to Ireland of the Israeli Minister for Education. Photo: Jim Berkeley.
Afri protest outside Israeli Embassy, Dublin, January 2009. Photo: Jim Berkeley.

A moving artistic protest, organised by Afri, took place outside the Israeli Embassy, Pembroke Road, Dublin, at 12 noon on Monday, January 19th.

The artistic installation, by artist Tracy Walsh consisted of babies’ vests and tiny t-shirts placed on bamboo frames which were solemnly placed upright on the grassy ‘garden’ outside the Israeli Embassy. The vests, each bearing a message relating to Israel’s slaughter of Palestinian children, fluttered in the wind as musicians Steve Larkin and Eoin Dillon of Kila played a lament for the victims of the Israeli assault on Gaza. Continue reading “Artistic Protest at Israeli Embassy”