Just A Second! – New Development Education Resource Published


Just A Second coverJust A Second! Exploring Global Issues Through Drama and Theatre is a development education resources offering school groups an accessible guide to exploring global issues through drama and theatre. The book opens with coverage of Afri’s 2013-2014 ‘Just A Second!’ project which focused on the theme of militarisation. This is followed by the full texts of five mini-plays that were devised with young people taking part in Afri initiated development education projects in primary and secondary schools during the years 2005-2011.

These plays can be read or acted out, but more importantly are designed to act as a stimulus for further drama exploration, discussion and debate. With this in mind they are accompanied by multiple suggestions for follow-up activities, linking across the curriculum so that schools groups, youth theatres, college students and others can explore the themes and issues raised for themselves.

Pete Mullineaux is an Arts facilitator currently working on Afri’s ‘Just A Second!’ schools programme in secondary schools in Galway.

If you are interested in this publication please contact the Afri office: ph: 01 8827563 or admin@afri.ie

This publication received funding from Irish Aid’s WorldWise Global Schools and Concern WorldWide.

Water in El Salvador


The PHPSD has formulated a three year plan entitled the ‘Safe Water Project’, which aims to promote sustainable development based on food security and improvement in the health of the participating families. Providing access to clean water is the central element of the plan through the provision of water tanks, which collect water during the rainy season and preserve it in conditions whereby it can provide clean, safe water for families for the rest of the year. Not only will it provide safe drinking water but it will also enable families to grow crops which will improve their nutritional intake and may allow for some crops to be sold.

Afri, with the help of Irish Aid, will provide funding, assistance and support in the process of building four water tanks in two rural villages named Quebrada Honda San Sebastian and Los Melgares, near Santa Rosa de Lima. As part of a project entitled ‘Water as a Human Right’, we will also provide funding for training workshops for members of the community on how to maintain and care for the water tanks. In addition, there will be a strong element of education involved and personnel from the project will take part in Afri ‘Education for Liberation’ days in 2008.