Impressions from Afri’s Féile Bríde 2012

Saturday 4th February 2012, Kildare Town

Mayra Gomez and Herman Tintaya carry the Brigid Flame
Colaiste Éinde students performing "What If"
Colaiste Éinde students performing “What If”

At the start of Afri’s Feile Bride, the pupils of Coláiste Éinde, under the direction of Pete Mullineaux, staged a remarkable drama that asked the question “what if?”. What if the world was organised differently, in a spirit of cooperation and compromise rather than of conflict and greed? I was reminded of a story told about the Irish revolutionary Peadar O’Donnell, who wrote an article critical of his erstwhile colleague Eamon De Valera and his record in government, especially the fact that half a million people emigrated from Ireland under De Valera’s stewardship. The story goes that De Valera rang O’Donnell to protest, claiming that had O’Donnell been Taoiseach half a million people would still have emigrated. To which O’Donnell replied, “Yes, Eamon, but not the same half million”. I like to think of the very different Ireland we might have now if those who had left had been able to stay, and if those we could have most done without had departed: what if? Continue reading “Impressions from Afri’s Féile Bríde 2012”

Feile Bride 2012: Fire and Food

Saturday 4th February, Derby House Hotel, Kildare Town

This year’s Féile Bríde is a celebration of fire and food. There will be contributions from Mayra Gomez from Bolivia, who has worked around the world on peace and justice issues, and from Roisin O’Brien from Be The Change.

The programme also includes a short theatre piece, musical contributions from a Bolivian musician, some planting, workshops, and the lighting of the Brigid Flame!

Mayra Gomez will light the flame at the new Solas Bhride Centre site at 1pm and registration will follow at 1.30pm at the Derby House Hotel.

You can book on by downloading our brochure: Feile Bride Brochure 2012.