Feile Bride 2012: Fire and Food

Saturday 4th February, Derby House Hotel, Kildare Town

This year’s Féile Bríde is a celebration of fire and food. There will be contributions from Mayra Gomez from Bolivia, who has worked around the world on peace and justice issues, and from Roisin O’Brien from Be The Change.

The programme also includes a short theatre piece, musical contributions from a Bolivian musician, some planting, workshops, and the lighting of the Brigid Flame!

Mayra Gomez will light the flame at the new Solas Bhride Centre site at 1pm and registration will follow at 1.30pm at the Derby House Hotel.

You can book on by downloading our brochure: Feile Bride Brochure 2012.

Afri PEACEMAKER 2011 is now available!

The 2011 Peacemaker is now available here. The Peacemaker covers the highlights of 2011 including the Possibilities Civic Summit held in April and attended by the Dalai Lama, Mary Robinson and community activists such as Rita Fagan and John Monaghan from Rossport, as well as reports on our regular events such as the Féile Bríde, and the Famine Walk. We also include updates on our recent campaign. Please contact the Afri office if you would like to receive a hard copy of the publication.

Peacemaker 2010

Our annual newsletter, Peacemaker, is now available to download from our website. The newsletter represents a snap-shot of our year with short reports and photographs relating to some of Afri’s activities.

This year, Afri celebrated 35 years of working for justice and peace and we would like to thank everybody who has supported us and our work over the years.

Peacemaker 2010 (PDF)

Awakenings – Afri’s Féile Bríde Conference 2010

The Afri Féile Bríde Conference 2010 took place on 6 February in the Derby House Hotel, Kildare.

The event celebrated the wonder of our Universe, captured remarkably in the film ‘The Awakening Universe’, and through the reflections of Nellie McLaughlin whose book ‘Out of Wonder’ is also a celebration of the incomprehensible beauty, intricacy and vastness of the Universe.

The indomitable human spirit too can often confound us in its power and ability to inspire. Such is the case of Richard Moore who, amazingly, despite being blinded by a rubber bullet at the age of ten, has never wallowed in bitterness or hatred. ‘I learned to see life in a different way’ is how he describes his remarkable acceptance of circumstances that would plunge most people into understandable despair, bitterness and desire for revenge. Not only did Richard accept his blindness but he had an abiding ambition to meet the soldier responsible for firing that rubber bullet on that fateful day. He persevered in his quest until he succeeded and Charles, the soldier, joined Richard on stage during a very moving and inspiring session entitled: ‘Transcending Conflict: Freedom in Forgiveness’.

Richard and Charles told their inter-twining story highlighting the consequences of war and conflict. Richard also went on to talk about his work in Development in Tanzania and Ethiopia and the importance of achieving the UN Millennium Development Goal of reducing by half the number of people suffering from hunger by 2015.

As every year, the discussions were embedded in music through the wonderful performances of Fionnuala Gill and Liz Madden and her band.

Féile Bríde 2010 – Image Gallery

Unless indicated otherwise, all pictures taken by Susan Hensel, Afri.

Féile Bríde 2010: Awakenings

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Derby House Hotel, Kildare.


1.10 Lighting of the Flame – Richard and Charles

1.30 Registration

2.00 Opening Music – Fionnuala Gill

2.10 Introduction

2.15 ‘The Awakening Universe’ – short Film

2.30 Response

2.40 The Evolving Story of the Universe – Nellie McLaughlin

3.40 Music – Fionnuala Gill

3.45 Tea Break

4.15 Music – Liz Madden

4.20 Transcending Conflict: Freedom in Forgiveness – Richard Moore with Charles

5.00 Discussion

6.00 Concluding Music – Liz Madden and friends

7.30 Dinner

9.00 Céili (free admission for conference participants)


Admission to the conference: €20 (concession: €15)

Dinner: €20

For the full programme of the week long Féile Bríde Festival check out www.solasbhride.ie

Féile Bríde 2009 – brief report and pictures

Despite the snow and frost, over a hundred people made their way to the Derby House Hotel in Kildare for Afri’s annual Féile Bríde Conference on February 8th.

The theme ‘seeds of hope…seeds of change’ was reflected in the snowdrops peeping through the snow, as we gathered for the annual festival of words, music, dance and cooking! Frida Berrigan and Denis Halliday looked at our addiction to war and the cost to humanity and the planet while Chef Richard Corrigan and members of Irish Seed Savers Association together showed how to preserve our natural seed heritage, grow our own food and cook it in the most mouth watering way imaginable!

Féile Bríde 2009 – Seeds of Change, Seeds of Hope

FB2009Sunday February 8th 2009, Derby House Hotel, Kildare Town


Afri has been concerned about issues of food and hunger since its inception in 1975. One of Afri’s annual events is the Famine Walk, which remembers the Great Famine of the 1840s (a famine caused amongst other things by the dependence on a monoculture crop) in the context of ongoing famine and starvation throughout the world today.

We look especially at the causes of famine in the 21st century, particularly the war industry (the worst aspects of which are currently being demonstrated by the brutal Israeli bombardment of Gaza) an industry which now costs in excess of a staggering $1,200 billion annually, literally taking food from the mouths of the poor, an issue that will be addressed by Denis Halliday and Frida Berrigan in the opening session of this year’s conference. Continue reading “Féile Bríde 2009 – Seeds of Change, Seeds of Hope”