The Wave

Detail from Hokusai's The Great Wave off Kanagawa
Detail from Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa

The Wave

(after Hardy)

They gathered up the guns and tanks,
divided the soldiers into ranks,
turned to face the enemy –
make a new date for history.

Prepare to fight – the order came
as the foe came into sight –
horizon-filled: a mighty wave
sent them all into their grave.

All the bullets, guns and bombs,
nuclear missiles impotent.
What use these weapons made by Man
with humanity an also-ran.

What use now the hunger and greed,
the makers of superfluous need.
What use those forgotten goals
for climate change and ozone holes?

What use the trillions spent on arms –
while dust and drought sucked up the farms,
as consequences grew in turn
enough to wither, drown and burn.

All the bullets ever made, every gun
every grenade, every cluster or barrel bomb,
laser rays, loud battleships, whispering drone –
secret weapons until then unknown,
gathered up in proud array –
for once all pointing the same way –
(although no silver saucer spun
beneath the unforgiving sun)
singing from the same hymn sheet, as they say.
recording the Earth’s sad lament –
a planet came a planet went.

~Pete Mullineaux, October 2014

Pete Mullineaux’s latest book Just a Second!  Exploring Global Issues through Drama & Theatre has just been published and is available to buy from the Afri office.

Just A Second Exhibition in Galway City Museum

Pete Mullineaux (left) and Rose Kelly (right) at the Just A Second event in Galway City Museum on the 31st May.  At this event  'The Price of Bullets' a new painting by Choctaw artist, Gary White Deer, was unveiled.
Pete Mullineaux (left) and Rose Kelly (right) at the Just A Second event in Galway City Museum on the 31st May. At this event a new painting on the theme by Choctaw artist, Gary White Deer, was unveiled.

Just a Second!

A six minute film about the world we live in and the choices we make based on Afri’s ‘Education for Liberation’ programme with schools in Galway.

Directed by distinguished film-maker Dave Donnellan

Plus, the first public showing of a dramatic, evocative painting by Choctaw artist Gary White Deer

At Galway City Museum, Spanish Arch

Wednesday, June 11th and Thursday June 12th only

More information from Afri 01 8827563

Education for Liberation day

Approximately 70 students took part in Afri’s ‘Education for Liberation’ event in Blanchardstown Institute of Technology on Thursday March 8th.  Following an introduction by Rose Kelly, Joe Murray gave a presentation on the theme of ‘militarization and famine’, which looked at the Millennium Development Goals agreed by the UN in 2000 and how world leaders have failed to make progress towards achieving them by the target date of 2015.


Continue reading “Education for Liberation day”

Education for Liberation in Kildare town

‘Hunger in a World of Plenty – Sowing Seeds of Hope’

Afri’s second of three ‘ Education for Liberation’ events, on the theme of ‘Hunger in a World of Plenty – Sowing Seeds of Hope’ took place on Thursday, 18 March 2010, in Kildare town. About 100 students aged 15-16 years old from 4 different schools in the Kildare/Laois region participated in the event.

Food and hunger have been issues of central concern for Afri since its inception 35 years ago. Afri was founded to respond to the scandal of hunger in a world of plenty, a situation which, unfortunately, has worsened rather than improved in the intervening period.

Afri believes in tackling the causes of hunger rather than merely responding to the symptoms. Those causes include the arms trade (costing a staggering €1400 billion annually); the neo-liberal economic system, which concentrates large amounts of resources, including food, in the hands of a small number of people; climate change and global warming; and the corporate takeover of food production, resulting in food being treated as a purely commercial product, thus denying access to the people who are most vulnerable. Continue reading “Education for Liberation in Kildare town”

Education for Liberation Seminar

Thursday, 26 November 2009
Belvedere College, Dublin

with students from Belfast Royal Academy


10.00am  Introduction/Welcome – Joe Murray

10.10am  The Awakening Universe – film and presentation by Clare O’Grady Walshe

Questions and Discussion

What you can do – Susan Hensel

11.00am Break

11.15am Conflict, War and Poverty – Richard Moore

12.15pm Questions and Discussion

1.00pm Lunch

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