Syria: IPB calls on Ban Ki-moon to act urgently in Syria

Statement issued by the IBP Council on the 2 November 2011

Photo: Reuters

The IPB Council meeting in Potsdam on 29-30 October 2011, calls on the UN Secretary General to use all the non-violent tools of the UN to protect civilians in Syria, and in other places where people are striving for democracy and decent human conditions. IPB appeals to him to involve international expertise in peace-building and peaceful handling of conflicts, as well as the regional bodies, notably the Arab League and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, in facilitating negotiations between the Syrian Government and those protesting against undemocratic and violent behaviour. IPB urges Ban Ki-moon to exert his influence on member states in order to avoid that the Security Council adopts a militaristic interpretation of the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, as we saw in Libya.

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