Solar Lights for Kenya

Since 2018, Afri has worked with our partners Development Pamoja and The Kenya Pastoralist Journalist Network (KPJN) to provide solar lights for families and vulnerable members of communities in rural Kenya. This is a small but very significant project which has helped hundreds of people. Children have been able to study after dark with the help of a solar light. The light has made it possible for midwives to go out at night more safely to deliver babies. People in remote areas have been able to charge their phones, a facility that comes as part of the solar light. And the lives of hundreds of people have been made a little easier because of your support for this project.

Please help us to support more people by giving the gift of light at this time. Your gift will help children and families in Kenya by:

  • Improving health – avoiding the need to use toxic kerosene;
  • Tackling poverty by reducing the cost of energy;
  • Reducing global warming by replacing use of fossil fuels;
  • Increasing income by enabling people to work after dark;
  • Contributing to Afri’s climate justice work & partnership with Development Pamoja and the Kenya Pastoralist Journalist Network.

Thank you

To support the project, please go to

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