Send some love and solidarity to Sunny Jacobs

This fundraiser has been set up on behalf of Sunny by a group of Sunny’s friends.

Our dear friend, the beloved Sunny Jacobs needs our love, support and solidarity as she struggles after recently losing her beloved husband, Peter, who provided a vital caring role for her.
Sunny is 76 years old now. Sunny is strong in spirit but she has several health challenges and struggles with mobility. Sunny lives in rural Connemara, Ireland, away from many of her friends and immediate family. Sunny continues to care for her animals while doing what she can to continue her campaign and healing work with Exonerees.
Sunny needs immediate financial and practical support to help her cover the cost of a carer. It has also become necessary to resurface the road as the recent weather conditions have eroded it to the point that it is difficult for vehicles to reach the house or for her to get down the road in her wheelchair.
She also needs our ongoing support, solidarity and friendship.
With Sunny’s kind consent, we have initiated this invitation for friends, allies and supporters to offer their financial support through this fundraising platform and also the invitation to email us with any additional questions or offers of support. This is our opportunity to give back to someone who has given the world so much.
More about Sunny
After her release from a US prison in 1992 where she spent 17 years for a crime she didn’t commit, Sunny became a yoga teacher and a campaigner. For over thirty years, she has been a leading international voice for forgiveness, redemption, justice, and reform, calling for an end to the death penalty, and support for people who have been wrongfully convicted. She moved to Ireland after meeting Peter, and the two of them established the Sunny Healing Center in rural Connemara, where they have offered a space for healing and respite to dozens of individuals who have faced miscarriages of justice. They also spent years travelling the world speaking in schools, universities, at conferences and in the media, calling for reform. Sunny is the author of the acclaimed book “Stolen Time: One Woman’s Inspiring Story As An Innocent Condemned To Death.” you can read more about her book here . Her story also features on the movie “the Exonerated” played by Susan Sarandon and many other famous actors.
You can learn more about Sunny through her appearance via the many articles, podcasts and talks that are available online. Just some of the many are linked below:
Sunny and Peter: Darkness into Light on the Afri YouTube channel:
The Joys of Forgiveness on Death Row – TEDxGalway:
The Exonerated: A Conversation with Susan Sarandon and Sunny Jacobs – Forum on Life, Culture & Society:
So basically, what we are asking for is €33,500. That will cover one year of care. And €4,300 in order to resurface the road so that the house and Sunny will be accessible. These issues combined will require an infusion of funds to the amount of €37,800 that will enable Sunny to get through this transitional period.
By then, the universe will have provided an alternative so that she can remain here in the home that she and Peter loved so much together. While it may be necessary for her to live part of the time in the US, this infusion of funds will give her time to get through this transition. In any case, she will continue to do the work. That is going to continue no matter where she is physically located.
Sunny would like to extend her deepest gratitude for your support!
Please give what you can and, even if you cannot give funding, please share this fundraiser, far and wide! Let’s do this!

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