‘If I could say one thing to other communities…’

Other communitiesAfter 14 years of challenging the oil and gas industry in north Mayo, what knowledge does the community there have to share? What questions might other communities have and how might they benefit from the experiences of those standing up to Shell and the State?

A four-year CEESA research project (2010-2014) in the parish of Kilcommon, northwest Mayo, sought to identify and share useful knowledge from the experiences of challenging the Corrib Gas project. This has been used to create an exhibition in which people respond to the question: If you could say one thing to other communities facing an unsafe development planned for their area, what would it be?

On Friday 30th January some of the 51 campaigners who took part in the research will speak about what they are learning through challenging the Corrib project. The creators of the exhibition will also talk about the research and photography behind the exhibition.

On the night, we will be joined by Nuala McNulty of Love Leitrim, a community group “fully committed to protecting the environment of Leitrim and Ireland as well as the health of our children against fracking through an awareness campaign and non-violent direct action”. Nuala will talk about the threat posed by fracking to her native Leitrim and beyond, as well as the strength of local community organising in being a powerful force to stop it.
For more information on Love Leitrim, visit www.loveleitrim.org.

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Further information about the exhibition:
Kilcommon, located in northwest Mayo, is home to approximately 2,000 people. It is the planned location of the Corrib Gas project – an inland gas refinery complex and high-pressure, raw gas pipeline. Since plans were revealed in 2000, a network of local people have organised in diverse ways to challenge the project.

The research was also used to compile a short resource booklet, available alongside this exhibition, which is intended to spark discussions in other communities facing injustices or unsafe developments.

The exhibition has already been shown in Co Mayo, and in Co Fermanagh in regions affected by plans for fracking. This is the first time the exhibition has been shown in Dublin.

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