Depleted Uranium Ban Bill passes through the Seanad

18 November 2010

On Wednesday evening, 17 November, the Prohibition of Depleted Uranium Weapons Bill passed through its final stage in the Seanad with cross party support. Afri is pleased with the progress of the Bill thus far, and would like to commend all Senators who have been involved in pushing the bill forward.

Senator Dan Boyle introduced the Bill as a Private Members Bill in July 2009, following a meeting organised by Afri with Doug Weir, Coordinator of the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW). Senator David Norris has also been an active supporter of the Bill and hosted a briefing for Senators on the issue in May 2010, as was Senator Hannigan of the Labour Party. David Norris highlighted that this is only the second time that a Private Members Bill has passed through the Seanad, which underlines the special achievement.

The Bill must now to go to the Dáil and Afri urges all involved to process and pass this legislation without delay.

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