Ailliliú Fionnuala

Afri is proud to be associated with the upcoming première of Ailliliú Fionnuala, written and performed by Donal O’Kelly, directed by Sorcha Fox and presented by Benbo Productions.


Ailliliu_WEBAilliliú Fionnuala takes place on the shore of Sruwaddaconn Estuary in Erris, North Mayo, where the Shell high-pressure raw gas pipeline is under construction.
Ambrose Keogh works for Shell. When the Tunnel Boring Machine he named Fionnuala sinks into the bog, he comes face to face with Fionnuala of the Children of Lir herself in a fairy fort. Fionnuala puts a geas (spell) on him – he’s bound to tell the truth about Shell’s operations in Erris, such as the attack on Willie Corduff in the Shell site at Glengad.

Ambrose Keogh is joined in this ordeal by his primary school classmate, Malachy Downes, now an anti-pipeline campaigner. They are pushed to reveal truths about how the holders of power operate in Ireland, behind closed doors, with no regard for civil rights of citizens, then and now.

In the foyer of the theatre is a photo exhibition by photojournalist William Hederman, documenting the past seven years in the struggle against Shell in north Mayo.

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Where: Theatre Upstairs, Lanigans, Eden Quay, Dublin 1.
When: 1pm to 1.50pm Monday-Saturday, 5th November –17th November 2012.
To book: Please contact The Theatre Upstairs directly – by email or by phoning 085 727 375.
Tickets cost €10 (or €8 concessionary rate).  Ticket price includes soup and bread.

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