Brigid to bring message of peace to Foreign Affairs on Feb. 1st

For the third year in succession, at noon, on Thursday, February 1st, ‘Brigid of Kildare’, accompanied by members of Afri and StoP, will deliver a letter, a copy of the Downpatrick Declaration and a St. Brigid Peace Cross to Tánaiste Micheál Martin at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin.

This action, which represents an urgent call for peace and a firm rejection of war, on the feast Day of Brigid the Peacemaker, will take place as the world endures the horror of war in Palestine, Ukraine, Yemen, Syria, Sudan and many other conflicts around the world.

The action will be a compelling call for our government, in line with Article 29 of our Constitution, seriously to promote disarmament, demilitarization and de-escalation rather than mindlessly jumping on board the juggernaut of war. It is a protest at our Government’s moving ever closer to NATO, shredding our neutrality, abandoning UN-directed peacekeeping, unpicking the ‘Triple Lock’ and building a weapons industry in the Republic of Ireland. How is all this compatible with ‘Pausing for Peace’ in Kildare on the feast of Brigid the peacemaker?

Afri and StoP hope that the presentations to the Minister on Feb. 1st, St. Brigid’s Day, will contribute towards greater understanding, a lessening of tensions, and a re-commitment by Ireland to the affirmation of our neutrality, the pursuit of disarmament and the promotion of peace.

In addition, while our Government have been better than others regarding their statements on Gaza, we urge them to support South Africa’s genocide case in the International Criminal Court and break off all trade with Israel, involving military research, weapons production and the development of Ireland’s weapons industry.

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Image: ‘Brigid’ at the DFA offices in Dublin on Feb 1st 2023. Photo credit: Bryan Meade

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