Afri marks Entry into Force of Convention on Cluster Munitions

On 2 August Afri and the Bloom Movement for Global Justice beat the drums in front of Croke Park to mark the Entry into Force of the Convention on Cluster Munitions. The Convention is the most significant disarmament and humanitarian treaty in more than a decade and it was negotiated and adopted by 107 countries at Croke Park in May 2008.

Photos: Derek Speirs

The treaty entered into force on 1 August and on this date the Convention’s obligations became legally binding for the countries that have joined. A total of 107 governments have signed the Convention, of which 37 have ratified. The Convention completely bans cluster munitions and requires destruction of stockpiles within eight years, clearance of cluster munition-contaminated areas within 10 years, and assistance to affected communities and cluster munition survivors.

The drumming event was part of a global campaign action entitled ‘Beat the Drum to Ban Cluster Bombs’, organised by the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC). Campaigners in over 70 countries held similar drumming activities to mark this historic milestone and to urge all remaining coutries to join the treaty without delay.

To find out more about the entry into force and campaigners’ actions worldwide check out

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