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Joe Murray, Coordinator of Afri for many years, will be retiring this year.  Afri is now advertising for a new Coordinator, with a closing date of April 26.  Details are in the job advertisement below and the job description at this link.  We encourage those with relevant experience and an interest in Afri’s innovative work for peace, global justice and sustainable development to apply.

Afri is a small but prominent peace and justice organisation in Ireland, in existence since 1975.  Afri has an office in Dublin but works around the country and with international partners.  Afri’s vision is of a just, peaceful, equal and sustainable world.

Key areas of work identified in the current strategic plan include:  1) militarisation and peace, 2) food sovereignty, 3) climate change and climate justice, and 4) migration, refugees and homelessness.  Afri seeks to educate and influence society and political leaders on issues in its core areas through events and publications. It has a full calendar of events which take place on a yearly cycle and, in addition, organises one-off events and publications as required. Development education and global citizenship education at secondary level is just one of the key pieces of Afri’s work.

The role of Afri Coordinator:

The post of Coordinator is one of two permanent full-time posts in the organisation though other people are contracted, as needed, to do particular tasks. The Coordinator is responsible to a Board that meets on average every two months to review and set the direction of the work.  The Coordinator also relates to the wider Afri constituency including like-minded individuals and groups that support Afri events and activities.

The position requires an ability to maintain the unique culture that distinguishes Afri, to think strategically as well as close cooperation and trust between staff, the Board, partner organisations and Afri supporters.  It is anticipated that the new Coordinator will be able to work remotely for a certain amount of the time, but the job also entails face to face interaction with funders, supporters, and programme participants.

Candidates should have experience of managing or leading within nongovernmental organisations or grassroots movements, experience of development education or global citizenship education programmes, and experience of managing and strengthening donor and partner organisation relationships.  They should have the ability to lead an organisational strategic planning process and strong knowledge and skills in areas such as peacebuilding, human rights and sustainable development.  The position requires excellent event organisation, networking and facilitation skills.  The salary scale for this position is €47,000 – €53,000.

While the above criteria have been identified for this role, if you do not fit them all and feel strongly that this job is the right match for you, we encourage you to apply.  We encourage and welcome applications from people with a wide range of backgrounds.

Applications to be submitted to:

(See job description here)   

Closing date for applications is April 26.

First interviews on May 13.

Further information about Afri is available at

If you would like to find out more about the Afri Coordinator position, please email Iain Atack at:


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