Afri alarmed by Irish companies supplying US army and military industry


Press release

The justice and peace group Afri has expressed alarm at the extent to which Irish companies are involved in supplying military equipment, including to the US army. Afri first brought this issue of Irish participation in  the military industry to light when it published the ‘Links’ Report in 1996, demonstrating the early stages of this trend of supplying such components.

Afri condemns the practice of companies making profits on the back of human suffering and misery caused by war and violence. Irish companies are supplying components, including parts for drones to one of the most aggressive military forces on the planet, the US army, which has been involved in the slaughter of tens of thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade. This, along with the use of Shannon as a war-port, places Ireland ever closer to the heart of the US war machine.

While Afri recognises and supports the need for jobs in Ireland, we call on the Irish Government, especially the new Minister, to ensure that we do not leave our consciences at the door and pursue a policy of jobs at all costs.  “Jobs that support torture, inhumane treatment or that further inflate a war industry costing in access of $1700 billion annually – diverting these resources away from the provision of food, clean water and shelter for people in extreme need – are jobs that come with too high a price tag” stated Afri Director, Joe Murray.

Link to report by Simon Rowe in Sunday Independent about Irish businesses involvement in the arms trade: “War: is still very good for business”

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